There’s no point in spending time and money on the rest of your house if you roof is not doing Bolton Roofing Serviceswhat it’s supposed to be doing and keeping the water out. Starting from the top down is one of the most often used practices in building for a reason – it’s the right way to do things! So a leaky roof is something that you need to get onto and get fixed as soon as possible. But don’t worry, often the causes of roof leaks are surprisingly quick and easy to fix.

Broken or slipped roof tiles or slates

One of the most obvious and most common causes of roof leaks is when the tiles or slates that cover the roof have become damaged or dislodged. Once this happens water can then easily breach the roof and will drain directly into your house causing a leak. Depending on the extent of the damage, this can often be a relatively easy repair, when placed in the hands of the experts, such as those jolly clever Bolton builders of Wisecraft Ltd. Although be warned that the longer you leave it the worse the damage will inevitably get and the more it will cost you to repair.

Underlay failure

Many people don’t actually realise that your roof is made up of more than just tiles or slates. In fact, underneath these is a membrane known as the underlay. In the case of very strong winds it can be possible that rain is forced through any gaps or underneath the tiles. Initially the underlay will collect this water and cause it to travel down towards the guttering, but over time and with continued exposure to water, the underlay may begin to rot which can lead to a leak.

Damaged flashing

Unfortunately flashing is the name of the areas of lead (or other metal) that cover the joins between different areas of your roof, and nothing to do with funky disco lights! If flashing is installed and functioning effectively then it will ensure that water does not seep through any gaps between your tiled areas. However even a small area of damaged flashing can have a surprisingly serious effect, so ensure that you catch the problem soon and that a reputable expert is employed to repair it.

Clogged Gutters

From the ground you may not be able to see if your gutters are full of leaves and moss, but if they are then water may end up pooling at the edge of your roof, rather than running off effectively. As it is stationary, water will naturally find the path of least resistance and may end up working its way into your roof or walls through any small gaps or cracks. However a simple cleaning of your gutters can easily remedy this.

To find out more about ensuring that your roof is in tip top condition, contact the friendly expert builders at Wisecraft Ltd today.