Many people love the idea of transforming their home with a loft conversion, extension or even Loft Conversionbasement room, but are put off by the perceived cost. However there are a number of simple design choices that you can make which can significantly reduce the overall cost of your building project. Have a look at some of our top tips below.

Keep your loft conversion simple

Although it may be tempting to plan your loft conversion to include mansard roofs or a dormer conversion, bear in mind that these will cost significantly more than if you plan to just include a number of simple roof lights. Of course you will get less headroom and possibly limit your useable floor space, but if you can live with that then it will save you money. Other money-saving tips for loft extension include positioning any bathrooms directly above those on the floor below so that installing water and soil pipes is much simpler.

Consider sharing your side return

If you are going to extend out into the side return to increase the side of your kitchen then it might be worth seeing if your neighbour is also having the same thoughts. Being able to share a builder will save you money and also make any party wall issues much simpler and cheaper to resolve.

Think about drainage

If at all possible it is worth planning any project to keep draining as simple as possible. For example if your plan includes building over a manhole cover which will then need moving, this could add up to £2,000 to the cost of your build. Also, as with loft conversions, try and keep all water and drainage as close to existing supplies as possible, as having to extend or create new pipelines will add to your costs.

Buy off the peg

When designing your project it is worth trying to include as many simple shapes as possible which will mean that you will be able to take advantage of standard materials and off-the-shelf windows and doors.

Think second hand

Not only might you be able to save money by looking to eBay and other such avenues to source second hand (think ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’!) materials and items such as radiators, doors, sinks etc, but you can even make some money by selling the things that you will have to get rid of as part of your project. You can even sell your old kitchen units or even your old conservatory!

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