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Types Of Exterior Cladding

If you are considering an extension or even a full blown new build then there will no doubt be a million thoughts running through your head; how big should it be, what should the layout be like, what should I use the new space for and last but certainly not least,...

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Why Should You Insulate Your Floors?

When it comes to keeping your home nice and toasty there are a few things that we all already know are a good idea; insulating your roof, installing cavity wall insulation, fitting double glazed windows and doors, using an energy efficient boiler etc. But what about...

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How To Care For Your Brickwork

Brick has been one of the most popular choices for building for many centuries, even Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace is made of gorgeous red bricks, and it is likely that you house is made from brick too. Brick is durable and built to last, but there are some things...

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How Much Will It Cost You To Move House?

When your house is no longer feeling like your dream home, you might start thinking about upping sticks and moving. But quite apart from the actual cost of your new house, there are a number of other costs to consider when planning your move. Is it always better to...

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Top Causes Of A Leaking Roof

There’s no point in spending time and money on the rest of your house if you roof is not doing what it’s supposed to be doing and keeping the water out. Starting from the top down is one of the most often used practices in building for a reason – it’s the right way to...

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Do You Need An Architect?

For many people the decision to take on a home renovation project can be both exciting, but also a bit daunting. It often represents quite a large financial investment and for those who aren’t in the building trade knowing where to start can be difficult. Add to that...

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What Are Building Regulations?

You may have heard the term ‘Building Regulations’ on TV property shows, but what does it actually mean and how do these affect you if you are thinking about taking on a building project? Read on and let your friendly Bolton builders at Wisecraft explain all (well...

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How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Whether you are planning to sell your home or not, increasing its value can only ever seem like a good idea, especially as for most of us our home is our most expensive asset. There is a certain amount that you can do with soft furnishings to make your home seem more...

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Do Bedrooms Have To Be Upstairs?

For most people when we think of a house, we think of coming in through the front door to a suite of rooms including the main living space and kitchen and then going upstairs to the bedrooms. But does this always have to be the case? There is a growing trend for...

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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Yes! It’s finally happened! The sun’s out – even here in Bolton! However, it’s not all barbecues, beaches and beer gardens (although a few of these are definitely allowed!), it’s time to give your home its summer maintenance check. It’s not just winter that can be bad...

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