For many people, when taking on a home improvement project, there comes a time when your budget forces you to have to choose between getting an amazing finish indoors or doing a ‘good’ job on both the home and the garden. Here at Wisecraft we would always encourage our clients to get the best possible finish in your preferred area and come back to the other later on, rather than having to put up with an average job throughout. So if you have decided to prioritise your budget on your house, don’t worry, there are still some great things that you can do to landscape your garden on a budget. Have a look at some of our great landscaping on a budget tips below:

Saving on Paving

If you have a large area that you would like to pave, why not consider setting your paving stones apart from each other and filling the gaps with inexpensive spreading groundcover plants such as sedum and thyme. Over time a small number of these plants will fill in the gaps providing weed free groundcover that is much less costly than a fully paved area.

Take Advantage of Cuttings

There are many plants that grow perfectly well from cuttings, especially things like lavender, succulents and butterfly bush. So if you have friends with lovely specimens of plants that will grow from cuttings why not ask for a favour? With a little TLC these cuttings will flourish into wonderful free plants for your garden.

Try Upcycling for Creative Planter Ideas

Rather than buying expensive planters why not try upcycling things that you already have? Wine crates, old barrels, buckets or even tyres can all make fantastic planters, especially when given a lick of paint in a bold colour. Or why not pick up some cheap pallets and use the wood to make your own planters

Get Modern On A Budget With Ornamental Grasses

For a contemporary look try planting with a mixture of fast growing ornamental grasses. They fill space fast and get great height and so can achieve a fantastic modern look fast. Some of our favourites include: Blue Oatgrass, Feather Reedgrass, Flax, Fountaingrass, Little Bluestem and Zoysia.

Shop For Bargains

It is tempting to buy everything that you need for your garden as soon as the weather starts to improve and the first signs of spring appear. However it is at this time that plants, bulbs and almost everything else are at their most expensive. Instead try waiting until towards the end of the growing season and you can find some lovely perennial plants that you can plant out now and will really spring to life the following year, for surprisingly cheap prices.

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