If you have a traditional style kitchen and dining space or even if you have a more modern Pantry Conversionhome, investing in a pantry can provide you with ample opportunity for a better organised kitchen. There are pantries available in both traditional styles and more modern, and while they are thought of as old fashioned, they provide your home with much more room for food storage and can even be better option for the quality of your food. Below is a closer look at why investing in an old fashioned pantry is a great idea.

Expand your Storage Space

Probably the most obvious reason people invest in a pantry is to add storage space. Your kitchen will look much less cluttered with a dedicated area for organising your cooking utensils and food. It also gives you many different options for exactly how to organise your kitchen with the many different pantry designs available.

Enjoy Cooking More

It may seem a little strange but tied into the above, once your kitchen is organised you can enjoy it more. A pantry makes it more convenient to cook from home and save on takeaways and it also makes it easy to store foods which may have always ended up jammed at the back of a cupboard and never used.

Better than the Fridge

Greengrocers have argued that opting for a pantry is a better option for keeping your food fresh than a fridge. A well-installed pantry will be extremely cool with insulated walls and cold stone floors. This allows food to stay fresher and is perfect for storing fruit and vegetables. Cool and dark places are almost always recommended for a wide range of fruit and vegetables, ensuring they stay fresher for much longer. Even foods such as eggs and cheese can be freshly stored in a pantry.

Add to the Value of your Home

Any modification to your home which is carried out professionally and to a good standard will add value to it. Updating your kitchen with a spacious pantry just adds on more selling point should you ever choose to move and it may even increase the value of your home considerably.

Pantries were a standard element of all kitchens, even in smaller homes, less than a century ago but they seemed to fall out of fashion. The benefits they bring in terms of organisation, food freshness and convenience make them a sound investment for kitchens of many styles.

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