Deciding that it’s time for a new kitchen is both an exciting and sometimes daunting prospect. Bathrooms & Kitchens Bolton Installing a new kitchen can be quite a costly undertaking and most people at best only change their kitchen every 10 years, so making sure that you choose the right style of kitchen for your home (and the right person to install it – such as the trusted Bolton builders at Wisecraft!) is a major decision that you need to get right.

So, what are some of the factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your new kitchen style?

A good place to start would be looking at the architecture and style of your current home, as there may be certain kitchen types that just wouldn’t look right in it. For example, a rustic oldy-worldy traditional kitchen might look lovely in a period cottage but totally out of place in a sleek, modern new build property. Or vice versa, installing a bang up to date modern kitchen into a period property could also feel wrong. However, there are some properties where these rules just don’t apply. For example, there are some older properties that can actually look really fresh and modern with a more contemporary style kitchen installed. However, it is also important not to completely lose any period features.

The Rest Of Your House
It is also important to consider the look and feel of the other rooms in your home, especially those that border the kitchen, as it is important to maintain a flow between these and your kitchen. So if the rest of your house is painted in bright light colours, think about continuing this look into your kitchen. However, if you prefer something a bit bolder and brighter then why not consider incorporating more colour into your kitchen design to reflect this?

Your Lifestyle
How you are planning to use your kitchen and what type of lifestyle you have can also be important factors when deciding on your kitchen style. If you are a busy family then maybe a very modern design full of stainless steel and high gloss finishes might not be the best option to deal with sticky handprints. Or if you are planning on using your kitchen as an entertaining space then choose a style that gives you lots of space and surfaces to put drinks etc on.

Sometimes the best way to decide which kitchen is right for you is to talk to someone in the know. As trusted Bolton builders, the team at Wisecraft Ltd have installed too many kitchens to count and so have tons of knowledge and experience that we are happy to share with you in a free no obligation planning visit. Contact us today to find out more.