We know that it’s forecast every year, but this year it really is looking like we might just be in for Wisecraft Ltd - Bolton Buildersa long hot summer. As much as this sounds wonderful in principle we all know that in reality we Brits are actually pretty awful at coping with hot weather as we’re just not really set up for it. However there are a number of sensible investments and clever tricks that can help to you to keep your cool whilst those around you are expounding the infamous; ‘I like it hot, but not this hot!’


For many of us thinking about insulation and double glazing is something that we do in winter when we’re all desperately trying to keep warm, however it can be just as important in summer for keeping us cool. A well-insulated house with energy efficient double glazing will actually stay much cooler in hot weather, as just as these measures help to keep heat in, they also help to keep it out.

Use your windows

It may seem like a no brainer, but using your windows correctly during hot weather will also help to keep your house much cooler and keep fresh air circulating around which will make everything much fresher. For example if you have sash windows then open them equally at the top and the bottom so that hot air can be drawn out if the top and cool air can be drawn in below. The same principle applies if you have a 2 story house; open windows upstairs and down and make sure that any doors between levels are open to allow air to circulate freely.

Block out sunlight

It may seem a terrible waste to close your curtains and blinds on a hot sunny day, however keeping direct sunlight out of your rooms will help to keep them much cooler – just think about all the houses that you see with closed shutters in naturally much hotter countries. But if this just seems like too much of a sacrifice, then why not consider investing in a sun-awning for the sunniest parts of your house. These can be opened out to provide shade from the sun whilst still letting the light in.

Use a fan efficiently

If you are still boiling then you may end up resorting to an electric fan, however it is important to make sure that if you are going to do so then you use it correctly. Ensure that you position it across from an open window to create a cross breeze and angle it slightly downwards to push cooler air up into the rising heat.

To find out more about installing double glazing, insulation or many other ways to keep your house cool this summer, contact the friendly Bolton builders at Wisecraft today.