Yep, you can’t escape it, Christmas is definitely coming! And for many of the good people of Bolton that means that along with the big fella himself, comes the invasion of family members near and dear (hopefully!). And as much as Aunt Marge’s teary eyes during the Queen’s Speech is thoroughly endearing, her critique of all of your home’s little imperfections can be thoroughly infuriating! So why not get the Wisecraft experts in to give things a good sprucing up?


We have a team of dedicated and qualified electricians who will come and comprehensively inspect your home’s current wiring and can make sure that everything is up to date and as safe as possible. A high percentage of house fires each year are caused by faulty electrics, and so getting a simple survey, replace or repair now could keep you and your family safe this Christmas. And also why not consider getting some extra sockets (both internal and external) installed to run all those Christmas lights from? Much easier and much safer than acres of trailing wires and overloaded extension leads.

Painting and Decorating

With the insurgence of extra guests at Christmas also comes the yearly ritual of finding them all somewhere to sleep. Opening up your little used spare room is great, but subjecting your guests to faded wallpaper and peeling paint in a room that hasn’t been used for decades is not the most gracious method of hosting. However a quick lick of paint can make all the difference. But let’s face it, who has got time in the run up to Christmas to start decorating? So give yourself a break and let the professionals at Wisecraft spruce up your home instead.

Brickwork and Pointing

No one wants their Christmas ruining by leaks and/or damage caused by faulty brickwork and pointing, so let our highly trained professionals get it all sorted for you before the festive period hits properly. Repointing and brickwork repair can be a long and difficult job to tackle on your own, but our team can get your brickwork looking spick and span in no time.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Wisecraft Ltd.