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As house prices in Chorley continue to rise and the costs of moving escalate, more and more homeowners are deciding to invest in their current property rather than opt for a change of scene. At Wisecraft Ltd we are experts at adding living space and value to your home by creating beautiful extensions that are not only sympathetic to the existing structure but designed in such a way as to improve your whole family’s quality of life.

Extension Builders Services

Wisecraft Ltd. provides a full range of extension services in Chorley, covering all of the following aspects of construction. We at Wisecraft Ltd Chorley are capable of stunning bespoke designs and unique custom builds to satisfy your house extension dreams. Our other renovation services include but are not limited to the following;

● Construction
● Interior design
● Floor plans
● Electrical work
● Plumbing
● Demolition
● Home extensions
● Ground floor extensions
● Single story extensions
● Double-story extensions
● Adding a second story
● Home additions
● Deck extensions


    Service Required:

    Why Choose Us for your House Extension Projects

    Even if your extension falls under the permitted development rights, you should still require architectural drawings and building regulations approval. Your Wisecraft Ltd renovations consultant can take care of all planning requirements for your project before any work commences to ensure that the project is planned out properly, budgeted accordingly, and our processes and systems ensure that everything is completed on plan and on budget.

    Dedication and Desire

    Our commitment to the client at Wisecraft Ltd cannot be matched. Until you have used us for a project, you have not scratched the service of customer service. Every single team member is passionate, driven, and committed to the core. We do not set standards, we raise them at our experienced and professional renovation business that will never let you down. The desire to be the best at our craft is what sets us apart from the competition, our ethos is that it is unacceptable to do an acceptable job. We seek people with pride in their performance and individuals that really care about the end product they produce. Reputation is everything to us at Wisecraft Ltd and we endeavor to enhance ours on every single job we take on, not for us, but for you.

    Qualifications and Training

    All Wisecraft Ltd staff have been hand-selected via an excruciating interview and evaluation process tailored to eliminate not just the wrong worker for our company but to ensure the person behind the CV is the right fit for us. Ultimately, skills can be honed, talent can be nurtured and at the end of the day we can give anyone the necessary training should we choose to do so. The key for us is what else you bring to the table? What are your personal values, morals, beliefs? If you don’t set high standards for yourself then you will simply not fit in as part of the smooth, fluid, and interchangeable systems we run at Wisecraft Ltd. Our training is rigorous because we believe in excellence and will not rest until we are regarded as the best.

    Value-for-money and Satisfaction

    All the sophisticated words and big statements amount to nothing if you deliver a poor product. At Wisecraft Ltd we are judged on the final result and take huge pride in a satisfied customer at the completion of their project. Knowing our help and guidance has seen them achieve their dream renovation is extremely gratifying. We deliver on time, within budget, with no fuss or complaining each and every single time.

    Planning Permission

    Permitted development rights allow you to extend your home without requiring planning permission as long as your home extension adheres to some specific conditions.
    Single story extensions can be added to a property under permitted development as long as they fit within the size restrictions and are in keeping with the existing finish of the property. Permitted development often does not apply to properties in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, and can almost certainly not apply if your property is a listed building.

    To find out more about what we offer and how we can help you, get in touch. We are always on hand to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of house extensions.

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