These days the kitchen really is the heart of the home and so when embarking on a new one it is vitally important that you get the layout right. Even a shabby old kitchen with a great layout is better than a shiny new one where nothing is in the right place!

Here at Wisecraft the good people of Bolton have been relying on us to provide the very best quality kitchen with the very best layout for years, and that is what we promise to deliver. All of our kitchens are a pre-built exactly to your specification with solid backed carcases, so installation is quick simple and they are built to last.

So you know who to get your kitchen from, but what types, style, colour and layout should you choose? Our kitchen experts will help you with all of the decisions but there are few things that it’s worth bearing in mind sooner rather than later, and many of these centre on achieving the perfect layout.

The Kitchen Triangle

Accepted ‘Wisecraft Wisdom’ suggests that all of the very best kitchen layouts place the 3 most used spaces; cooker, fridge and sink, relatively close to each other in an equidistant triangle. There is nothing more annoying than continually having to traipse across your kitchen every time you want to grab something from the fridge, or blundering around with pans full of water from the sink on your way to the hob.

Proximity of Most Used Areas

Along with the kitchen triangle it is also important to think about where you should place other heavily used kitchen areas. For example try to ensure that your dishwasher is close to the sink – wandering across the kitchen with dripping pots is just an accident waiting to happen. Also think about the position of your bin. Ideally this should be close to both the dishwasher (for food leftovers) and close to your main food preparation area. Either that or spend hours cleaning up after bits of dropped food after ‘the great chopping board to bin kitchen traverse’!


Finally make sure you carefully consider exactly what you use in your kitchen and make sure that you have sufficient storage for those. A drawer that’s positively crammed full of pans is never going to be anything other than annoying. And running out of room on the spice rack after putting on salt, pepper and mixed herbs could also be somewhat infuriating!

So to find about more about creating your perfect kitchen, contact Wisecraft Ltd for your free no obligation visit.