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Which Type Of Shower Should I Choose?

One of the things that make many of our lovely Bolton clients the happiest is the joy of getting rid of a mouldy out-of-date bathroom and having it replaced with a lovely shiny sparkling new one. Not only can a fantastic bathroom increase the value of your home, but it can also make living in it surprisingly nicer! However there a few decisions that when designing and kitting out your new bathroom are of paramount importance – and choosing which type of shower to install is one of them. Many people start every day with a shower and having the right one can mean a refreshing and reinvigorating start to that day, but the wrong shower can result in nothing more than a lacklustre and frustratingly disappointing experience.

There are four main categories of showers and choosing the right one for you depends on many factors including your water pressure, plumbing system, boiler type as well as personal preference. Read on for our guide to finding the right shower for you.

Electric Showers

Electric showers heat the water as you go and so only require a cold water supply to function. They tend to use less energy as they only heat the amount of water that you need however most electric showers do have a slower flow rate than many other types, although some models are available with a separate pump which can increase the flow rate. These showers also need to be installed by a specialist electrician as they require a dedicated electrical circuit.

Power Showers

Power showers draw from both the hot and cold water supplies and have a built in pump to boost the flow rate. They can be great if your house has low water pressure, however in general they use more water than other types of shower and so can affect your water bills.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers also draw from both the hot and cold water supplies and so require a combi boiler or immersion heater to provide a ready supply of hot water. They also provide a stronger water flow rate than electric showers, but not as strong as a power shower unless you install a separate pump, which can be costly.

Digital Showers

These are the latest advance in shower technology. They work with both electric and mixer showers and the water is thermostatically controlled in a processor box. This ensures that the temperature doesn’t spike when someone else in the house turns a tap on. The processor box can be installed away from the actual shower unit itself which can ease installation and keep the look of the shower smooth and clean. Also some digital showers are able to have the control unit installed up to 10m away from the shower itself, meaning that you can switch it on and get the water up to temperature before stepping in.

For more information about finding the right shower for you and achieving the bathroom of your dreams contact Wisecraft Ltd today.


Published Date: 28th April 2016
Category: Bathrooms



Which Type Of Bath Should I Choose?

In amongst the many superb high quality building services that we supply to the good people of Bolton, is bathroom redesign and fitting. Along with the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the main rooms that will really sell your home – either to prospective buyers or just to your friends and family – so it pays to put some thought into its design. There is a seemingly endless choice of bathroom fittings and fixtures and it is very important that you make the right choices early on in planning your new bathroom so as to avoid costly changes later on.

One of the most striking features of any bathroom is its namesake – the bath. The bath tends to be the biggest item that you will have in your bathroom and so it is vital that you choose both the right style and design of your bath. There are now many different choices of bath available and your choice can be led by the size of your bathroom, the purpose of your bath or if neither of these is limiting factors, just what you think looks the best. So to help you in making the correct choice of bath for your bathroom have a look at our guide below.

Single-ended baths

These are probably the most common type of bath. These tend to be rectangular in shape and have the taps at one end of the bath, meaning that you can only recline at the opposite end. The standard size for a single-ended bath is 1700mm x 700mm, and these tend to be the cheapest options. However there are several other sizes of single-ended baths available.

Double-ended baths

These tend to be similar in size and shape to single-ended baths but have the taps positioned along one of the long sides, this allows bathers to recline at either end of the bath. Again numerous sizes of double-ended baths are available and can add a touch of luxury into your bathroom for a fairly reasonable price.

Shower baths

Shower baths are an increasingly popular choice in British bathrooms as they can save space and perform 2 functions. They tend to be either an L or a P shape, with a wider end under the shower and the narrower end coming away from that. This gives maximum room when showering, but also allows the bath to be used for bathing. Shower baths tend to be somewhat shorter than standard baths and so fit well into small spaces.

Freestanding baths

These are available in a variety of designs from the traditional roll top baths, to more modern shapes. They can be stood on raised feet, or can sit directly onto your bathroom floor. Freestanding baths tend to make quite a statement and can be more expensive that other bath types. They are also larger than many other bath types and so are suited to larger rooms.

To discuss your new bathroom with the expert builders in Bolton, contact Wisecraft Ltd today.


Published Date: 11th January 2016
Category: Bathrooms, General


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