Here in sunny (well, sometimes sunny!) Bolton we have more and more customers who are interested in installing bifolding (bifold) doors into their homes. This type of door is seriously on trend right now, but what exactly are they and what do you need to know when considering installing them?

What are the benefits of bifold doors?

Bifold doors consist of a number of glazed panels that concertina style fold to open up a very large space. They are a very popular way to connect both your indoor and outside space and also can bring a lot of light into a room and can even make spaces seem larger as there is such a good view to outside. As most bifold doors offer no, or very little, step between the inside and the outside they can also be considered safer as they pose less of a trip hazard.

Also, with the increase in bifold doors installation, manufacturers have been able to build in larger quantities and the price has come down compared to a few years ago. Along with this more advanced manufacturing techniques have meant that most bifold doors are more sturdy, durable, lightweight and draught proof.

Which materials are used? 

Bifold doors can be made from a variety of materials, often chosen to suit the style of your property and/or your budget. The most common materials for bifold doors are timber, aluminium or a combination of both. Fully timber frames tend to be heavier, whereas aluminium forms a lighter frame. In some cases combination frames with aluminium support and timber facing can be a good option if you want the look of wood without as much of the weight. Also depending on budget you can opt for either standard double glazing or splash out on extra insulated triple glazing with UV filters and a number of other options.

Points to consider

There are a number of options worth considering when commissioning bifold doors. These include thinking about the number of glazed panels that you are going to choose and the thickness of the frames. Obviously the thicker the frame the more it will obstruct the view, however thicker frames will also result in a sturdier door. Also the number of glazed panes that you choose will affect the view, but also bear in mind that an odd number of panes will mean that when you simply want to open one pane to nip into the garden then it will be more like just opening one door, whereas an even number of panes will require you to start fully opening the entire unit to get out.

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