One of the jobs that many of the good people of Bolton approach us with, is asking whether we are able to fit new UPVC windows. Many of our customers have had unpleasant experiences with traditional double glazing firms who have sent round incredibly pushy (and sometimes downright offensive) salespeople. In many cases our customers have simply been interested in finding out a bit more about the benefits of having brand new UPVC windows fitted and getting a rough idea of cost. But instead of being given the facts and a quote, these sales-bullies have tried to pressurise them into committing to a purchase there and then. Thankfully once they managed to get them out of the door, they contacted Wisecraft Ltd and we were able to offer a no hassle, no obligation advice and quote service.

So if you are thinking about investing in UPVC windows and would like to know more without having to crowbar a salesman out of your house, then read on for our view of some of the benefits of fitting UPVC windows to your house:

Cost effective

UPVC windows are often significantly cheaper to buy and install that the more traditional timber or aluminium frames. If this isn’t reason enough to choose UPVC then the cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep of UPVC is also significantly less than with other frame materials. Whereas timber requires painting and filling and aluminium can be affected by rust, UPVC frames need little more than a quick wipe over to keep them looking in tip top condition. The longevity and resistance to weathering that UPVC windows offers means that many companies will even offer them with a 10 year guarantee.

Another cost saving benefit of fitting UPVC windows is the energy saving effects that they produce. Draughty windows can cost you a fortune in heating as most of that precious heat escapes straight out of them. However if correctly fitted (as if by Wisecraft!) UPVC windows offer a significant reduction in heat loss and so can make a real difference to your energy bills.


UPVC windows also offer a significant security benefit versus other window types. Many come with complex locking systems and even in general are much more difficult to breach then old peeling timber frames. As a result of this, homes with UPVC windows tend not to be targeted by intruders and this could also mean that you see a reduction in your home insurance premiums.


When UPVC windows were first introduced onto the market they were only available in the classic white frames. Whereas this may suit some styles of housing, many homeowners will be pleased to know that UPVC window frames now come in a myriad of different colours and finishes – so if you thought that UPVC wasn’t for your period property then think again!

For more information about the benefits of engaging Wisecraft the Bolton Builders to fit UPVC windows to your home, contact us today.