As trusted and award-winning (not that we like to blow our own trumpet, but have you seen how many awards we’ve won?!!!) builders in Bolton we are dedicated to providing the very best advice and service for all of you and your home’s needs. And so that is why we have spent time and effort training all of our staff in the correct installation of UPVC windows, doors, soffits and facias. Unless you have a particular yearning for wooden doors and window frames (in which case we will supply and fit you some absolutely amazing ones!) we would always recommend opting for UPVC as it has many benefits over the traditional wooden options.

In particular today, we wanted to discuss some of the benefits of getting Wisecraft to fit you a brand new UPVC door. For the uninitiated UPVC is an acronym for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for new and replacement exterior doors for many of the reasons outlined below:


UPVC doors are actually made from a core of galvanised steel around which the UPVC is wrapped. This makes the doors incredibly strong and almost impossible to break through, unlike their wooden counterparts. Also as most UPVC doors are fitted with a 5 point locking system, they are significantly more invader-proof that a wooden door, especially if it only has a single Yale style lock. It has also been reported that home invaders are less likely to target properties that have UPVC doors and other fittings, as they know that they are so much more difficult to breach. Instead they are more likely to move on to easier pickings elsewhere. 

Long Lasting

Another advantage of UPVC doors is their long lasting qualities, so much so that many manufacturers offer them with a 10 year guarantee. Unlike wooden doors, UPVC doors are not affected by the elements and can stand up to the worst that the British weather can throw at them (and we certainly know about wet weather here in Bolton!). Whereas wooden doors in a damp climate such as ours can be subject to warping and shrinking, UPVC doors will stay solidly resolute and continue to fit snugly into their surround for many years. 

Simple Maintenance

UPVC doors also require very little maintenance, as they are not affected by the ravages of the weather. You can now choose your UPVC door in a myriad of colours that will not fade or weather and will therefore never require repainting. At most to keep your door looking spick and span simply give your fixtures a polish and wipe down the surface of the door with a damp cloth.

So if you are interested in replacing your exterior doors with UPVC, contact Wisecraft Ltd today.