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Monthly Archives: July 2017


How To Make the Most of Your House in Summer

Once the summer arrives so does DIY season. There is only so much you can do yourself Garden Benchhowever and if you’re looking to make the most of your home this summer, there are many renovations and refurbishments you can consider. Here we’re looking at just three things you could consider for your home to make summer times in the UK even more enjoyable.

Roof Lights

Roof lights look fantastic and add even more light and sunshine to your home. In addition to this they can also cut the cost of your electricity as you spend less money on artificial lighting. Roof lights bring quality lighting to the central spaces in your home and they also provide improved ventilation for your home, great for those stuffier days. Roof lights also look fantastic and can be a centrepiece or focal point in any room.  There are many different types of roof lights available with different kinds of opening and all are designed with security and safety in mind too.

Double Glazing and Bifolds

Although double glazing is usually associated with its insulating benefits, it also ensures your home is cooler in summer. Double glazing is designed to insulate against all extremes of temperature, including those hot summer rays. Like roof lights it also helps to bring down your energy bill. Similarly, you may choose to invest in bifold doors this summer, once again to maximise the natural light that comes into your home and to make access to your garden or outdoor space even easier. Bifold doors are a flexible addition to any home and you have many options to find the type of bifold doors that best fit your home.

Decking and Patios

There is nothing like enjoying the summer months out in your own private garden and it is the perfect time to add some decking or patio to your space, so you can set up an outdoor dining area or simply make the most of the space you have. Options such as split-level decking further enhance the opportunities in your outdoor space and allow you to create a space with dedicated areas. You may have a separate dining space for example, or somewhere for the children to play.

Even if you have a summer holiday booked chances are you’ll spend plenty of this summer at home, so it makes sense to make the most of it and improve it in any way you can.

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Published Date: 31st July 2017
Category: General



Why Install An Old Fashioned Pantry?

If you have a traditional style kitchen and dining space or even if you have a more modern pantry1home, investing in a pantry can provide you with ample opportunity for a better organised kitchen. There are pantries available in both traditional styles and more modern, and while they are thought of as old fashioned, they provide your home with much more room for food storage and can even be better option for the quality of your food. Below is a closer look at why investing in an old fashioned pantry is a great idea.

Expand your Storage Space

Probably the most obvious reason people invest in a pantry is to add storage space. Your kitchen will look much less cluttered with a dedicated area for organising your cooking utensils and food. It also gives you many different options for exactly how to organise your kitchen with the many different pantry designs available.

Enjoy Cooking More

It may seem a little strange but tied into the above, once your kitchen is organised you can enjoy it more. A pantry makes it more convenient to cook from home and save on takeaways and it also makes it easy to store foods which may have always ended up jammed at the back of a cupboard and never used.

Better than the Fridge

Greengrocers have argued that opting for a pantry is a better option for keeping your food fresh than a fridge. A well-installed pantry will be extremely cool with insulated walls and cold stone floors. This allows food to stay fresher and is perfect for storing fruit and vegetables. Cool and dark places are almost always recommended for a wide range of fruit and vegetables, ensuring they stay fresher for much longer. Even foods such as eggs and cheese can be freshly stored in a pantry.

Add to the Value of your Home

Any modification to your home which is carried out professionally and to a good standard will add value to it. Updating your kitchen with a spacious pantry just adds on more selling point should you ever choose to move and it may even increase the value of your home considerably.

Pantries were a standard element of all kitchens, even in smaller homes, less than a century ago but they seemed to fall out of fashion. The benefits they bring in terms of organisation, food freshness and convenience make them a sound investment for kitchens of many styles.

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Published Date: 14th July 2017
Category: General, Kitchens



How Long Will My Extension Take To Build?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we as trusted Bolton builders get asked is, how long will an home extension take to build? In many cases the answer is the same as to ‘how long is a piece of string?’ because all projects will differ. Exact timescales can be affected by numerous factors including; complexity of the build, size, single or double story, specific site factors; the intended use, building products chosen etc.Portfolio2-1

However, for an average single-story extension we generally say that you should allow at least 12 weeks from the builders getting onto site to completion. Although some very complex projects can take up to twice as long as this.  However, for an average 12 weeks build we can normally expect the project to following the below stages.

Weeks 1-2

Setting out, footings dug, foundations laid

The builders will arrive on site and the project will begin.

Weeks 3-4

Walls built up to damp-proof course and this installed, drains and floor structure put in place

The final shape and size of your extension will begin to emerge and what may have been bare earth before will become the beginning of your new floor!

Week 5

External walls are built

Both the inner block work and outer brickwork will be completed and cavity wall insulation will be installed.

Weeks 6-7

Internal walls are built and roof made watertight

Now is the time to finalise your choices of windows and doors etc so that these can be ordered.

Week 8

Windows and doors are installed

Your extension is now fully watertight.

Week 9

First fix electrics and plumbing; carpentry started

Now is the time to make final decisions about where you want your utilities, down to the exact position of light switches and plug sockets.

Week 10

Break through from existing house wall, steel installation

This is the time where you might want to consider moving out as the real mess and dust will start to invade your house!

Week 11


Once the plastering has been finished it will need to be left to dry out for a few days.

Week 12


Second fix electrics and plumbing will be installed, floors will be laid and kitchens etc will be fitted.


Sometimes post-build there will need to be a period of snagging to make any changes or rectify any issues that have arisen once you have started to live in your new extension.

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Published Date: 1st July 2017
Category: General, Handy Tips


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