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Monthly Archives: March 2017


What Does Your Home Say About You?

OK, so we all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but is it fair to judge a person Bathrooms & Kitchens Boltonby their home? Many psychologists believe that with everything from a first glimpse at the exterior of your home to a really good rummage around in the back of someone cupboards, people will be making judgments and assumptions about you. So what does your home say about you?

Examining your home’s exterior

We know that when looking to buy many people make up their mind about a house within the first 7 seconds of seeing it – yes, even before they get in through the front door. But what about the assumptions that potential buyers, your friends, your family and even complete strangers are making about you just from the way that the exterior of your home looks?

Simple aspects such as the size of your home can say a lot about you. For example if you live in a large house people may assume that you are well off. Or if your house is extravagantly bling-covered then people may assume that you are extravagant and showy too. Colours can also say a lot about you. Bold colours can suggest homeowners that are exciting and adventurous, whereas muted colours could suggest the owners are more classic or retiring.

Grading your garden

Another aspect of your home that can inform people’s assumptions about you before they even step inside is your garden. A really wonderful garden takes time and effort and so will reflect that the homeowners are dedicated and creative. However a straggle of weeds and the odd pile of rubbish could tell others that you are lazy and unorganised.

The design choices that you make in your garden can also be seen to reflect your personality. Minimalist planting and clean lines could suggest a tidy and ordered mind, whereas intricate planting and charming details could reflect a love for the finer things in life and an attention to detail.

Inspecting the interior

This is where your personality often shines through the brightest. Your choice of interior colours can reflect a either a bright vivacious personality or a more constrained and classical outlook. The floorplan of your home can also be telling; an open plan design could show an emphasis on openness and togetherness, whereas a series of smaller more closed off spaces could reflect a more private personality.

When you look around your home, what do you think that it says about you? If it is saying the wrong thing then why not contact the trusted Bolton builders at Wisecraft Ltd? They are more than happy to pop round for a free no obligation chat about how to create a home that truly reflects who you are.


Published Date: 17th March 2017
Category: General



Britain’s New Build Homes Are The Smallest In Europe?

When it comes to either getting onto the property ladder for the first time or deciding to try andnew-houses move up a rung or two, one of the most important considerations for many prospective buyers is whether to buy a new build home or an older resale property. However a recent report has suggested that if its space that you want then a new build home in the UK might not be the way to go.

The average size of a newly built home in the UK is now the smallest in Europe at just 76 square meters, smaller than second place Italy, where an average new build comes in at 81.5 square meters and lagging miles behind the spacious likes of France (112.8 square meters), Belgium (119 square meters) and Denmark which at an average of 137 square meters is nearly twice the size of a new build in the UK!

However there are also worries that this average size of a UK new build might be getting even smaller due to a recent relaxation of the government’s minimum new build house size standards, as published in their most recent housing white paper. Currently the minimum floor area for any new home is 37 square meters, which is hardly huge; however the relaxation of planning laws, especially in relation to the conversion of office blocks into residential dwellings, means that there are some new studio flats which are significantly smaller than that. The conversion from office to residential is, in many cases, viewed as ‘permitted development’ and so not subject to minimum sizing laws. One example being a development of studio flats in Croydon which measure just 14.9 square meters, and plans have been submitted in Archway, Islington, which include studio flats measuring just 13.5 square meters – smaller than many people’s bedrooms yet supposedly big enough for two people to live in.

The obvious issue is that the UK population is expanding but the amount of available land is not. The government’s white paper sets out plans to review the guidance on minimum residential dwelling sizes, giving more autonomy to local councils to set minimum size guidelines, which could see more and more tiny homes being built.

So, if you are looking to move into a new build home then it might be worth thinking again – especially if you want to have enough space to both swing a cat, and store the vacuum cleaner that will be required to clean up all the hair afterwards! Older and resale properties can offer significantly more space for your money than new builds, and if the thought of any property maintenance issues concerns you, then why not find a trusted local builder (such as the jolly lovely Bolton builders of Wisecraft LTD to take on any work for you?


Published Date: 7th March 2017
Category: General


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