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Monthly Archives: May 2016


New Build Vs Character Property

Sometimes the question of whether you should buy a new build property or opt for something Loft Conversionwith a little more age and character can seem like a never ending debate. And as Bolton builders we have had our fair share of these discussions. So when you are looking to buy a house, just what should you go for? Obviously there is a degree of personal preference here; some people can’t bare thought of living in somewhere that’s been lived in before, whereas some people just couldn’t cope without a feature fireplace. But if you’re somewhere between those two camps here’s some thoughts to take into consideration.


On average a new build property will cost at least 20% more for the same square footage than a resale property. New builds can also sometimes come with a lot of hidden costs that you don’t see when viewing the show home. For example the fixtures and fittings that you see there will only be included at increased costs and many new build homes do not come with floorings included or landscaped gardens. However there is the argument that money will be saved on the long run in maintenance costs, as new builds come with insurance backed guarantees.


The 20% rule comes in here again with the average new build home being at least 20% smaller than homes built in the 1970’s. Homes erected forty years ago were typically built at around 12 homes per acre, whereas today new homes are often built at nearly 24 homes per acre. This can not only mean a reduction in the size of the living space, but gardens also tend to seriously suffer from the space squeeze. However is this really a problem if you’re not in the green fingered gang?

Ongoing Costs

There are many advantages to new build properties in terms of decreased ongoing costs and maintenance fess, even though your mortgage may be higher in the first place. As mentioned before new builds come with warrantees (although beware that these don’t always cover everything). Also new build homes have to meet much stricter rules regarding energy efficiency so your monthly energy bills are likely to be lower. However if you still have your heart set on an older property there are government backed schemes that can provide insulation etc at reduced costs to the homeowner.

So we’d say that at the end of the day choose that house the grabs your heart – and don’t worry Wisecraft Ltd is here to sort out any problems with it!


Published Date: 16th May 2016
Category: General



Insulation Will Keep You Cool In Summer Too

Hooray! The sun has finally got his hat on! And there’s nothing more that the good people of Bolton (and their builders!) love than a bit of warmth. However being British, it only has to hit 20˚C before we all start grumbling that ‘I like it hot, but not this hot’! So what can we do to help to keep our homes cool during the hotter summer months? How about ensuring that your house is properly insulated? When many of us think about insulation, we think about keeping our homes warm and toasty in winter and reducing our energy bills at the same time too. However insulation does not just keep our home warm in winter, but will also help to keep it cool in summer too.

If you think about it, the aim of insulation is to stop heat passing from one side of it to the other. So it follows that if it can stop hot air getting out, it can also stop hot air coming in too. A great way to demonstrate this is to go up into a really well insulated loft in both summer and winter. In winter it should feel really really cold up there. That’s because the insulation is stopping the hot air from escaping from the house. However in summer it should feel hot in the loft, that’s because the insulation is preventing the hot air from getting down into the house.

So, along with getting the lovely chaps from Wisecraft to come along and make sure that your house is super dooper insulated, how else can you keep your home cool in the summer, without resorting to expensive and energy-inefficient air conditioning units?

  • Avoid solar gain – when the sun is beating down on your windows, it will make your rooms hotter. So make sure that you close curtains or blinds in sunny rooms whilst you are out.
  • Circulate cool air – at night when it is naturally cooler, open any ventilation shafts and windows to allow the cool air to circulate naturally around your house. Once the sun comes up in the morning, close the windows again and (if you have taken care of the solar gain) your house will keep cooler for longer.

For more information about fitting high-performance insulation to your home, contact the experts at Wisecraft Ltd today.


Published Date: 12th May 2016
Category: General, Handy Tips


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