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Monthly Archives: February 2016


How To Achieve Your Perfect Floorplan

Hooray! You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get the lovely Bolton builders at WisecraftConservatory Ltd to give your home a complete overhaul. Whether you are adding a fantastic new extension or just having a good room re-shuffle, then making sure that you get the floorplan of your lovely new home just right is of paramount importance. However this can be easier said than done (especially if you’re not a professional architect!). So what are some of the considerations that you should take into account when designing a new floorplan?

Think about your lifestyle

It may be tempting to go off and look at show homes for inspiration (and this isn’t necessarily always a bad idea), however remember than when looking at a gorgeous show-property, don’t get carried away. Just because the floorplan seems lovely it doesn’t mean that it will actually work for your family. Will you really be able to fit everyone into the living room comfortably? Could you actually see your family cooking together in that size or shape of kitchen? Does a separate dining room conjure up images of candlelight dinner parties, when actually it would probably just end up as a dumping ground for all of your families junk? Be ruthless and be practical.

Consider the running costs

Creating your ideal floorplan can result in a beautiful looking home, however it is worth taking into consideration future running costs right from the start. Open plan living is all the rage right now, but it will generally cost considerably more to heat a large space than a series of smaller ones. Heating costs can also be increased through the incorporation of vaulted ceilings, skylights and other large areas of glazing. It may be worth sacrificing one or two features to ensure that you can afford to include high levels of insulation, thermal glass and other energy saving features. You may end up kicking yourself and having to make costly adjustments in the future.

Don’t assume that room sizes are adequate

It can be difficult to envisage the exact size of a room simply from a floorplan, so why not try drawing the rooms to scale and including the measurements of your current furniture. Even if you are planning on getting rid of the sofa, it will still give you a good idea of the room size. And also don’t forget that if your house is feeling too small at the moment, make sure that your floorplan includes some extra room.

For more information about achieving your perfect floorplan and to discuss through your options, contact the experts at Wisecraft Ltd Bolton Builders today.


Published Date: 27th February 2016
Category: General, Handy Tips



Different Types Of Upvc Windows

Here at Wisecraft we have proudly been providing the lovely people of Bolton (and let’s not Gallery-Image-11forget many of the lovely surrounding areas too – here’s looking at you Horwich!) with expertly installed highest quality UPVC windows for years. And so if you are thinking about replacing those draughty old windows with lovely shiny new ones then there’s practically nothing that we don’t know about UPVC windows, and here’s the thing – we’re willing to share!

There’s a multitude of different UPVC window styles on the market and knowing which one to choose for your home can be tricky. Obviously your budget will affect your choice but it also worth bearing in mind the age and style of your property and how you want to use your windows. So have a look at our run down of some of the most popular types of UPVC windows and then if you want to talk through your choice further just give us a call on 01204 283644, we always love a chat!

Tilt and Turn Windows

These windows only open inwards and can either fully open from a side hinge or can open, often with degrees of, tilt from a top hinge. These are great for where an outward opening window isn’t practical e.g. on the ground floor next to a walkway etc. These windows are still able to offer a degree of security when open on the tilt function but can still provide an effective means of fire escape with the side opening function. The side opening function also makes it easy to clean both sides of the window from indoors.

Casement Windows

This style of window offers excellent ventilation as the opening part of the window is hinged at the top and opens outwards, so drawing air into the room. There is a myriad of different designs of casement windows with opening panes being situated in many different areas, and often with more than one opening pane.

Sash Windows

Particularly suited to period homes, sash windows feature one half of the window that slides over the other half. Traditionally it is the bottom half that slides up, however it also possible for the top to slide down or for both parts to slide. These windows can also be hinged at the side for easy cleaning and can offer a means of fire escape.

Bay and Bow Windows

These are windows that either fit into an extending alcove (bay) from the room or simply extended from the house in a curved fashion (bow). These windows usually need to be carefully manufactured and installed to ensure the perfect fit and usually include either casement or sash openings.

There are, of course, a number of other types of UPVC windows available, so to find out more contact Wisecraft Ltd today.


Published Date: 25th February 2016
Category: UPVC Windows


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