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Monthly Archives: September 2015


Chemical Damp Proof Courses – What And Why?

One of the services that we are proud to offer as builders in Bolton is the installation of effective and appropriate Chemical Damp Proof Course into your property. Chemical Damp Proof Courses are required as part of building regulations, and have been so since the end of the 19th century. However there are still cases of some properties which have either never had a damp proof course, their damp proof course has failed over time or a sub-standard damp proof course has been installed which has then failed.

So what exactly is a Chemical Damp Proof Course and why does your house need one?

Chemical Damp Proof Courses are installed towards the bottom of any walls in your house which are connected to foundations through which moisture can be absorbed and rise into your house. If left untreated this rising damp can cause numerous damp issues throughout your home; not least mould and mildew, unsightly marks and damage to wall plaster and any decorative finishes. An effective damp proof course forms a vertical water resistant barrier around the base of your home’s walls that stops the water from travelling any higher up the wall than the course, thus eliminating the problems of rising damp.

Installing a Chemical Damp Proof Course involves drilling small holes (between 10-12mm in diameter) approximately 6 inches above ground level, into your exterior walls. A moisture resistant liquid silicone-based chemical is then inserted into these holes which joins up along the mortar line (into which the holes were drilled) to form a solid barrier. A high pressure pump is often used to achieve this.

One of the benefits of installing a Chemical Damp Proof Course is that this method is one of the least intrusive methods of damp proofing, as many other methods involves sections of interior plaster removing which can be a significantly messy job! As with nearly all damp proofing methods there can be some drawbacks of installing a Chemical Damp Proof Course. For example with this method it can take a few months for results to emerge. Also it is worth noting that this method won’t work on breeze block walls, as they are non-porous and thus won’t allow the chemicals to permeate properly. However we are able to recommend other methods that are suitable for breeze block construction.

For more information about our Chemical Damp Proof Course installations, or to book a free no obligation visit to assess your requirements, contact Bolton Builders Wisecraft Ltd today.


Published Date: 30th September 2015
Category: General, Handy Tips



Buying A New Build Versus A Resale Property

For many people venturing onto the housing market there is one big question to take into account – should I buy a new build house or go for something older from the resale market? This can be a very difficult decision to make and can be affected by different issues for different people. However there are a few factors that it can be worth taking into account when making your choice.


In many cases new build houses can have a higher price tag than comparable properties on the resale market. However for many people the government’s Help to Buy scheme can offset some of these costs by offering part loans against your mortgage and requiring smaller deposits than are often required on traditional mortgages for resale properties.


Many people are put off choosing an older property from the resale market due to envisaged higher maintenance costs than for a nice shiny brand new home. And in many cases they may well be justified. However at the end of 2011, Which? surveyed 200 homeowners who had bought new in the past five years and found that more than half had experienced problems with their homes. It is also often possible that a well maintained older property will have greater longevity than a new build which has been built to less rigorous building standards that were employed a few years ago. Also if you get a full structural survey of any resale property that you are buying and contract a reputable firm of builders (such as Wisecraft in Bolton) to remedy any issues at the beginning of your ownership then less maintenance expense can be occurred than for a new build 5 years down the line.

Energy Efficiency

Many people will prefer a new build home due to perceived higher energy efficiency ratings than will be exhibited by an older resale home. However if you are thinking of buying a new build for that reason ensure that you check the actual overall energy certificates carefully. New home builders are obliged to build homes with between A and C energy ratings (out of a possible A-J rating). However to cut costs many developers will build to a C rating and no further, and this is often no better than a solidly built and well insulated older home. Also if you choose a resale property then building companies such as Wisecraft can often quickly and easily increase your home’s energy efficiency with new windows, doors and insulation.

So whether you chose a new build or resale property ensure that you have a great builder such as Wisecraft Builders Bolton to help you through any issues.


Published Date: 14th September 2015
Category: General


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