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Monthly Archives: June 2015


Should You Convert Your Garage?

Garage conversions are sometimes the last thing that we think about when we are looking to create extra space in our homes, but often they can be one of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective extension options. These days very few people actually use their garages to store cars, they are much more likely to be found full of redundant furniture, old children’s toys, disused gym equipment, boxes stuffed with memorabilia that we can’t actually remember and generally a lot of other junk! And with modern cars getting bigger and houses getting smaller, using that wasted space in your garage to extend your living space can be a fantastic option (and no don’t worry – most modern cars are thoroughly galvanised and your pride and joy won’t in fact take any harm from living on the drive!).

So what should you consider when thinking about converting your garage?

Firstly what exactly do you want your extra space for? Popular uses for garage conversions include:

  • Extra living space – you may love curling up on the sofa with your kids now, but how much are you going to enjoy spending Friday nights sharing the sofa with a bunch of grumpy teenagers?
  • Extra bedroom – garages can make fantastic ground floor bedrooms for elderly relatives, occasional guests or to make room upstairs for a new addition.
  • Home Office – with the trend amongst many companies for working at home, having a dedicated space can make a huge difference – no more getting distracted by the phone, TV, dog, hoovering, sock pairing etc!
  • Extend your downstairs living space – rather than treating your converted garage as a separate room, depending on where it is positioned you could consider removing an adjoining wall and extend your current kitchen, living room into the garage to create an amazing big room.

Secondly what are the limitations of the space?

Different garages will provide you with different amounts of space, for example the average single garage could create around 150 sq feet of space and a double garage could provide up to 300 sq feet. There are also other options to consider, such as should you convert the entire garage into living space or keep a portion at the front (or other) for storage?

Finally, are there any planning constraints or other restrictions to consider?

This can be a little more tricky, and so it is here that we recommend that you get some professional advice. As a one of the top building firms in Bolton we have extensive experience of creating garage conversions and have considerable knowledge regarding the planning and building rules that have to be adhered to.

So if you are thinking of embarking upon a garage conversion contact Wisecraft Ltd today for free and no obligation advice on the best option for you.


Published Date: 24th June 2015
Category: General



The Importance Of Maintaining Your Roof

Now then, let’s be honest. How many of us actually check and maintain our roof before there’s img-10_07a problem? As a top firm of builders in Bolton we know how important it is to look after our roofs and as such we always make sure that we check our roofs regularly and keep on top of any routine maintenance jobs – but there again, we would, wouldn’t we! But is it really such a big deal to remember to think about our roofs?

Why should you look after your roof?

Roofs are expensive things, so looking after them really is a good idea. By regularly checking and maintaining your roof you will:

  • Extend the lifetime of your roof.
  • Save money in the long term by fixing any minor problems before they become major ones.
  • Mitigate the risk of any guarantees becoming invalid; some companies may refuse to honour a guarantee if damage is a result of poor maintenance.
  • Increase the re-sale potential of your home; a properly maintained roof is obvious to the eye and can make your whole house look amazing and give it a sense of quality.

How to check and maintain your roof?

Keeping an eye on your roof really isn’t that difficult and could save you thousands if you either spot a potential problem early, or even prevent one from happening in the first place!

  • Inspect your roof twice a year (spring and autumn are usually good times to do this). If you can get up there safely then do so, or if not use binoculars, and check for any loose flashing, tiles or anything else that doesn’t look right. Also have a look at your roof from the inside, in the loft, check for any patches of daylight or water damage.
  • Clean your gutters out. Clogged gutters can cause water to be forced back under your tiles causing potentially serious problems.
  • Trim any overhanging branches. These can scratch the surface of your tiles, weakening them and in strong winds can bash against your roof potentially damaging it. 

What to do if you find a problem?

Call Wisecraft Ltd! As award-winning Bolton builders, we have extensive experience in roof maintenance and repair, and can help you to nip any problems in the bud before they get out of hand. And if the worse comes to the worse, then we have specialist expertise in re-roofing to ensure that you end with the best quality roof possible.

For any further information or to book and free and no obligation visit to discuss your roofing requirements, contact Wisecraft Ltd today.


Published Date: 10th June 2015
Category: General, Handy Tips



Three Reasons To Book A Consultation With Carl

Choosing Wisecraft for your next home improvement project, large or small, has many benefitsWisecraft-blog-logo and we want you to know them before you sign on the dotted line. There are many builders in Bolton and the surrounding area to choose from but we want you to choose us and here we’re looking at the three main benefits of booking that Home Improvement Consultation with Carl, the owner of Wisecraft Ltd.

1. Free

It couldn’t be any simple than that! Our consultations are 100% free and with this you get a full and comprehensive discussion about the potential of your home and the possibility of the project you have in mind. We are able to offer a diverse range of building and property maintenance services and each consultation gives you the chance to hear all about your options, the price points involved and whether there may be affordable alternatives to the works you have planned. Each consultation is designed to offer advice and guidance and is entirely non-obligatory and there will be no hard sell, just options and possibilities for your home.

2. Trusted and Experienced

Wisecraft Ltd is proud to have won awards for the quality of our work. We were voted Most Loved Builder in 2011 and 2012 and are proud to serve Bolton and the surrounding areas. We are members of the Elite FairTrades and TrustMark Registers and we are highly experienced, with plenty of testimonials backing up our claims about the quality of our work.

3. Flexible and Adaptable

Our services are known for being diverse and covering a wide range of different areas and fields, meaning we can work on different parts of your home as part of a larger project. One of our happy customers confirmed it saying they were ‘happy with the amount of different services [we] offer’ and we strive to cover many different bases to satisfy all customers. Our range of services includes loft and garage conversions as well as roofing, UPVC windows and general building maintenance around the home.

We appreciate and understand how important work on your home is and how you need to find a company you can trust. This is why our free home consultation service is so essential to what we offer as it ensures you’re happy with us and trust in our ability to complete your project and provide an end result which at least meets expectations, or as we hope, exceeds them!


Published Date: 1st June 2015
Category: General


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